• KDM9S5130C2088A


1. OID Sensor Module
2. OID2, OID3, OID3.5, OID3s Compatible
3. Without Casing
4. Uncalibrated
5. SNM9S5130C2100A(8pin) series also available
         The KDM9S5130C2088A Series is a highly integrated optical identification (OID) module with an embedded CMOS sensor, OID image decoder, two IR LEDs with wavelength (λ) of 850 nm, and a lens module. This new series supports optical identifications of dot patterns either with up to 232 indexes or as x-y coordinates for tracking a trace of movement that enables applications such as digital handwriting.
         The KDM9S5130C2088A Series serves as a precise input device with a dot reading angle range of 90 ± 40 degrees1 with advanced algorithm. The standby power consumption is as low as 1 mA, and the power consumption in suspend mode is less than 15 μA providing longer battery life for devices. The two-wire communication interface of the KDM9S5130C2088A Series connects a back-end IC with only two general purpose input/output pins.